Calling all Makers!

Are you a crafter? Do you enjoy DIY projects? Are you good with woodwork, knitting, ceramics, jewelry making, arts and crafts, metal crafts, soap making, etc.? Do you re-purpose materials into usable items? Then you are a Maker! Tinkerers, DIYers, creative expressionists, explorers, you are all Makers!

Would you like to teach, share, and show off your knowledge and skills to our community? Then you are a Maker and we need you!

We are also looking for performers, teachers, and others who want to share their talent with others. Food vendors (those selling food for consumption at the faire) are not allowed as we will be providing our own snacks and a catered lunch for sale.

This is an invitation for all Makers in the Floresville/San Antonio area to come show your stuff at the very first annual Wilson County Mini Maker Faire in Floresville, TX. It is a chance to gather the creative community and show others how they too can become makers.

Please fill out the form by clicking on Makers Apply Here. Tell us about yourself and what you would like to show at the Faire. We will fit in as many booths and exhibits as we can. All booths are 8×8 booths inside the Event Center. We also will be able to accommodate outdoor exhibits as well. If your booth will sell something (handmade goods, DIY kits, etc.) a small fee will be required.

Our call for Makers ends on March 31, 2015. But don’t wait too long to send in your application. We do have a limited amount of space.

Email any questions to

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